Speak To Me

Speak to me,
argue with every innate bit of reasoning you have left inside
try and fail to convince me that the world around you has no purpose
no creator, no founder, no guide

Every artwork has a painter
Every book has an author
Every glacier is bigger on the inside
so what makes you think
That this world has something to hide?

If every object has a creator
how can you not surmise
That we’re part of something greater
That lies in front of our eyes?

How does the sun know just when to rise
Or when to put its light away
How does the moon know when to glow
And when to make way for the day
How does the sky change its clothing
from grey to white to blue
And do the clouds alone release their sorrows with rain
Soaking the world through?

Do the winds decide which direction
they’d like to pursue
So the trees decide which leaves to keep
and which to strew?
Does the weather have a change of mood
Every once in a while?
Does it turn hot then warm then chill
according to what’s in style?

Does the earth shake when it’s angry
Does the lightning strike when it’s mad?
Does the ocean spill its feelings
When it’s feeling kind of sad?

Who orders your cells to work together,
Or do they just decide to, alone?
How does your body change its shape
Do you wake up and find you’ve grown?
How does your heart contract and expand
Beating fresh blood to every part of your being
How do your legs know just when to move
How does your brain process what you’re seeing?

Did you think you came her for no purpose,
Given blessings you can never count,
Taught to feel, love, and give,
And feel emotions to an abundant amount,
Just here to live, then die once more,
Like a guest just at the door,
Created for nothing bigger, better in store?
Look around, take a glance
At not the big, but just the small
Can this world have just existed,
For no reason at all?
Look inside, try to see
The potential meant to be
Try to figure out the deeper, stronger,
meaning of “me”.


I lie astonished in my crowded mind 
Wondering if I’ve earned what I’ve gained 
And my thoughts question why they’ve been made blind 
To what my conscience has failed to explain

Do I deserve the sun that’s soaked it’s way into my skin 
The sky that always gives me something new to see 
The earth that walks beneath my feet as I tread my path
The trees whose roots have become a part of me? 

Do I deserve the water that flows through my veins 
The oxygen that I can’t help but inhale 
The food whose absence 
Would leave me hopelessly pale?

Do I deserve the family 
That assails me with affection 
I turn away, they point the way
To the right direction 
I give them drizzles,
They give me showers 
I wait on them minutes,
They stand by me for hours 
They’d hold me by the hand and curl my fingers round their trust 
If the waves get rough they’d teach me 
how to make my sails adjust 

Do I deserve my asylum of safety, living with no harm 
As children elsewhere bite their skins to stay warm 
They wriggle their toes on bleak, clammy streets 
As I snuggle up in my hospitable sheets 

Do I deserve the body parts 
That I have more than once misused 
That lie broken in a corner 
Beaten-up, abused 
The lips whose words refused to fight 
The eyes that only see things black and white 
The ears that have only heard what they wanted to hear 
The nose that could catch only the fragrance of fear 
The senses to which I had a duty to
broken promises that I failed to carry through.. 

I have too often carried in my chest
Complaints that never cease to rest
Accusing, whining, moaning 
Negligant to the true meaning of “blessed”

God, do I deserve to complain? 
About the afflictions that haven’t caused me pain?
about the mountains of gifts and glories you’ve bestowed
That can’t be appreciated by my limited brain? 

Honey, you’ve been living in heaven
All the while thinking you’ve been inhibiting hell 
Thinking, wondering, contemplating why 
You haven’t got it so well.
It’s not the things around you 
It’s the feelings you’ve got inside 
The thank yous that have worn out, the gratitude that has died, 
The bitter, revolting, distasteful 
Obnoxious feeling of pride. 

God, how can I thank you 
If billions of thank yous will not amount 
to the blessings I see and feel everyday
That I could not possibly count?

God, help me admit, help me to feel, 
The strength of the rewards I often conceal, 
God, help me deserve 
my blessings. 

Silent Refusal

I refuse to be

Just another part
Of humanity
I refuse to be
Just another girl
Walking along the earth
Waiting for life to unfurl


I refuse to stand
And witness
Waves of distress

Crawling into every corner
Making a mess


I refuse to dispose of my ancestors victories
being nothing but a disappointment
By masking their footsteps
Till no trace is left behind


I refuse to press play
I am willing to rewind
To a time when the truth was right and the wrong was wrong
When the days stretched out with hope
And the nights were strong
When justice prevailed
When evil was veiled
When time was a tool not a game
Of wealth, lies, and fame


I refuse to wear a harness and be shoved and made blind
I’ll plant my hooves in the sand
If I’m kicked from behind
I’ll turn away my ears
I’ll lock away my mind
If they’ll do nothing but keep me confined


I refuse to feel what can’t be felt
See what can’t be seen
The sky won’t always be so blue
The grass so brightly green
Beauty is simplicity
Yet we complicate the world
Bigger is not better
Flashy is not bold


I refuse to walk
When I can fly
Refuse to not ask questions
Like what, how, or why


I refuse to pass by like a shadow unknown
Like a wave that can’t ripple
Like a seed that hasn’t grown


I refuse to all these facts
But is refusal enough?
To wet the dry and too soothe the rough?
Are feelings more than just what they are?
Mindful emotions that don’t carry us far?
Could feelings ever alleviate the pain?
And when will actions begin to take an upper gain?